I’ve been teaching music for many years, and at this point I’ve accumulated experience in various fields.I mainly teach piano (jazz and classical), and also jazz improvisation groups at various levels.Plus I give seminars and lectures on the following topics:

- The evolution of jazz through its great pianistsThe history of "serious" electronic music
- The evolution of harmony and form in classical music.

One of the most intriguing teaching activities is the "free improvisation" course I taught for several years at the Testaccio School.

Derived in part from my experience with the "Diacronic Ensemble", this two-year course is about a purely acoustic approach to improvisation, not linked to any style or genre.I also would like to mention the series of 20 pieces that I wrote for piano four-hands, with a very easy part to be played by beginners.

They are written in the most disparate styles: Baroque, swing, romantic, contemporary, blues, country, pop, dodecaphonic, funky, etc. The idea is to give the student an immediate sensorial experience, so to make him/her more receptive to a later analysis of the various styles and ages, and contribute to the formation of musical taste.

During the the last years, I've reinforced my collaboration with the  Saint Louis Music Center where, other than jazz and classical piano, I also teach ensemble classes of jazz and rock, improvisation, and sound synthesis. Some of my students have been professional musicians for many years already.