I chose to include only those CDs that you can actually buy (in Italy at least), and not those ones that are out of print, or not out yet. There are many things in the can; I’ll keep you posted as soon as they are defined.
Carlo Mezzanotte: "Jazz Tales" (Wide Sound WD 188)
Carlo Mezzanotte: "Piano Possibile" (YVP 3152)
Carlo Mezzanotte & Syntaxis: "La Linea" (YVP 3129)

Carlo Mezzanotte & Syntaxis: "Cieli Diversi" (MAP SC.CD0206)

Carlo Mezzanotte & Syntaxis: "Visibile" (Iktius IKT 504)

Indaco: "Vento del deserto" (il manifesto CD013)

Indaco: "Amorgòs" (il manifesto CD 037)

Indaco: "Spezie" (il manifesto CD057)

Indaco: "Terra Maris" (Helikonia HKVS1102)

Indaco: "Porte D'Oriente" (il manifesto CD 155)

Erre Emme 1: "Estati Romane" (Panastudio CDJ1014-2)