Indaco was started in 1997 by six musicians of different backgrounds, with the goal of joining the melodic warmth of Mediterranean and Oriental traditions with the big impact of the rock sound. The group includes: Rodolfo Maltese (guitars), Arnaldo Vacca (percussion), Mario Pio Mancini (bouzuki), Carlo Mezzanotte (keyboards), Luca Barberini (bass), and Pierluigi Calderoni (drums).Maltese and Calderoni are well known in Italy for being among the founders of Banco, leading progressive rock group of the ‘70s and ‘80s.The fusion of ethnic melodies with the "big stage" rock sound worked, and Indaco started a long series of concerts all around Italy.

The first CD "Vento del Deserto" came out by the end of 1997, followed, about one year later, by "Amorgòs", and in Summer 2000 by "Spezie", recorded live. Then, between the end of 2002 and beginning of 2003, "Terra Maris" comes out. And in 2005, the compilation "Porte D'Oriente" (il manifesto CD 155).

One important aspect of the group activity, both live and on records, is to seek for fruitful external collaborations. A few examples are the great, late jazz trumpeter Lester Bowie (heard on "Amorgòs"), Mauro Pagani (another key figure of Italy’s progressive scene, then ethnic researcher and film composer), Francesco Di Giacomo, Enzo Gragnaniello and numerous other important musicians of the Italian music world.

I'm in the group till the end of 2003.