"Serious" Music

I started writing music when I was 13, and I didn’t stop since…

At 15 I wrote a 5-piece suite for piano based on ethnic dances; two other similar works followed the next year.I always alternated composing jazz, pop etc., and "serious" pieces; a number of these has received public performance.

I believe that the first time was with "Notturno" for flute and oboe, a dodecaphonic work, at a summer festival in 1976 or ’77 (I apologize for not remembering the exact year, I was seventeen year old…)I’d like to mention a few pieces: "Mars March" (7 instruments, 1980); "E da Antico Podio" (cello and piano, 1984); more recently, "Tangoing" (wind quartet, 1998); "Introduzione e Danza" (clarinet and piano, 1999).

But there is a group of pieces that represents, in my opinion, my deepest musical intentions. I really hope to be able to record these works and join them with a few others (still at the project stage) into a single CD.

They are:"Error Mirror" (electronic music, about 1990)
"Review" (piano and electronic music, 1992)"
Lascia che ti prenda la mano…" (double bass and live electronics), performed several times by the "Diacronic Ensemble", then included in the show "Il Ritorno alla Ragione" , based on the surrealistic films of Man Ray.
"Quaderno d’Autunno" (piano, vibraharp and double bass), performed for the first time at the Rotterdam Conservatory by the "Diacronic Ensemble"."Rewind"
(sax quartet and electronic music), first performance July 2000 at the 12th World Saxophone Congress in Montreal, Canada by the Ialsax Quartet. This is one of my favorite pieces of the last few years.

In the works: A new piece for ensemble, and two new electronic works, of which one is based, once again, on the show "Il Ritorno alla Ragione".