Welcome to the Music page. Here you'll find not only the links to mp3 files that are also present in the pages dedicated to the individual CD projects, but several others as well; the music from the CDs is placed first, so if you're interested in the "other" material, you may want to scroll toward the bottom of the page. You'll also find detailed informations on each musical example. Please understand that I'm not allowed to put published pieces here in their entirety; plus, they are usually quite long. All files are in mp3 format, and they're given indications for duration and file size. Enjoy!


Carlo Mezzanotte Jazz Trio: "Piano Possibile"

Keys to Beauty - 1'47'' - 1.2 meg - initial theme, beginning of piano solo

Piano Possibile - 2'11'' - 1.5 meg - end of piano solo, main theme, coda

Little Element - 1'38'' - 1.1 meg - end of piano solo, theme sung by Cinzia Spata

Canzone Nuova - 1'07'' - 785 kb - theme, beginning of piano solo

La Costruzione di un Amore - 1'15'' - 888 kb - initial sung verses

Elbus - 5'37'' - 3.9 meg - the whole tune! 


Carlo Mezzanotte & Syntaxis: "La Linea"

C Sharp Complex - 2'30'' - 2,3 meg - second part of piano solo, final themes with alto sax
Asteroidi - 1'47'' - 1,6 meg - here, the electric piano 'morphs' into a synth, then goes on with its solo
Angelo Nero - 2'11'' - 2 meg - end of guitar solo, final sax theme, coda
Walking in your Steps - 2'18'' - 2,1 meg - bass intro, theme, electric piano solo, bass/electric piano interactive solo, beginning of final theme
Evidence - 49'' - 0,7 meg - crazy synth solos, final theme


Carlo Mezzanotte & Syntaxis: "Cieli Diversi"

Big Land - 2'25'' - 2.2 meg - last part of keyboard solo, final themes and coda
One More Step - 2'23'' - 2.2 meg - piano intro, first theme, piano solo
Papa Z - 2'08'' - 2 meg - guitar solos, final themes and coda
Cieli Diversi - 1'37''- 1.5 meg - this is a solo piano piece; I've faded it out at about half of its lenght.


Carlo Mezzanotte & Syntaxis: "Visibile"

Jazz Child - 1'43" - 1.6 meg - the piano intro to this song
Solestial - 2'28'' - 2.3 meg - first theme and beginning of piano solo
- 2'14'' - 2 meg - end of ambient/electronic intro, initial A and B themes, beginning of electric piano solo
Bud-Jet - 3'51'' - 3.6 meg - keyboard solo (with overdubbed piano comp) on bop changes, guitar solo on latin/ modal changes, final theme and coda.


Indaco: "Vento del Deserto"

Su Nuraghe - 1'26'' - 1.3 meg - keyboard work (and a short solo) among the initial melodic statements
Ascea - 2'14'' - 2.1 meg - main theme, keyboard/percussion solo, main theme again
Tharros - 1'45'' - 1.6 meg - keyboard solo and comping behind Francesco Di Giacomo vocal chorus


Indaco: "Amorgos"

To the Lighthouse - 3'53'' - 3.6 meg - main theme, piano solo, transition, main theme and ending.
Pietre Bianche - 2'02'' - 1.9 meg - a 5/4 dance. Here you hear the final statement of the main theme, then a transition into the final fast section, with accordion solo.


Indaco: "Spezie"
Amorgos (Remix) - 2'09'' - 2 meg - the great trumpeter Lester Bowie guested on "Amorgos"; after his death, we payed homage with this tune, brought to life by remixer and film composer Pivio. This remix uses nearly all of the material that Lester recorded for the original version of this tune.


Indaco: "Terra Maris"

Amargura I - 1'54'' - 1,8 meg - intro with voice, synth and Portuguese guitar
Amargura II - synth solo, final sung theme
Concentrico - various keyboard themes, beginning of guitar solo
Puja - ending of main theme, violin solo by Mauro Pagani, piano solo


Carlo Mezzanotte: "Bach to the Future"   

IAfter a wait of almost ten years, it's published at last.  An all-Bach work, performed half with the acoustic piano, half with synthesizers.

J.S. Bach: Contrapunctus I from The Art of Fugue - 3'10'' - 2.9 meg - the first, majestic statement of the Art of Fugue main theme. Here you have the whole piece! Synths only.
J.S Bach: Prelude in D major from The Well-Tempered Clavier, vol.1 - 1'22'' - 1.1 meg - this is done with synths, with a half-humorous flavour. In the CD, the fugue that follows is played with the piano.
J.S. Bach: Fugue from Toccata in E minor - 1'43'' - 1.6 meg - played with piano, this is the first half of the final, long and virtuosistic fugue from this Toccata.


Erre Emme 1: "Estati Romane"

Danza di Mare - 1'50'' - 1.7 meg - a fast piece in 6/8, inspired by Neapolitan dances. Here you have the initial statement of the main themes.



"Rewind" for quartet of saxopohines and eletronic music - 9'51'' - 9,2 meg - This piece has been commissioned by the Ialsax quartet, led by musician extraordinaire Gianni Oddi; they perform the piece here. Its premiere was on July 2000 at the World Saxophone Festival held in Montreal, Canada. Watch the dimensions of the file if you don't have a fast connection!

Rondò for string quartet -  3'00'' - 2.8 meg - I've been commissioned this piece for a CD by I Tamburi del Vesuvio, an amazing ethnic group. They used it mixed with narration, but I think it came out nicely enough to be considered a concert piece. I used melodic themes from a few version of the Tammurriata, a very ancient fast dance, and gave them a gentle Bartok/Strawinsky treatment. Here it is performed by the BIM string quartet; it's not an "official" recording, but good enough to deserve a listen.

Here you have a Compilation of several works I've composed in the past for TV, ballet, theatre etc., arranged in a rather random fashion. Mostly old stuff, taken from various periods. WARNING: This is more than 10 minutes long, and the file is 10 MEG IN SIZE. If you don't have a fast Internet connection, the downloading may take a while.

Another compilation, of more recent pieces which I've written in the last few years, to go with  various visual events. Again, the order of the tunes is rather random. Duration is 8 minutes and 25 seconds; 7.7 meg.

In 2005, the great guitarist Al DiMeola has recorded, and played on tour with singer Andrea Parodi, one of my songs, "Amargura". Originally written for the Indaco CD, "Terra Maris", this song has been used by Al to open the concerts of the tour. Here you find the solo which Al played at the first concert of the tour; this concert has been recorded for the live CD "Midsummer Night in Sardinia". It's obviously a big honor to have my music performed by an artist of Al's calibre!

In 2008, my friend Max Rosati, Syntaxis' historical guitarist and overall great musician, published his first solo CD, called "Sun Fire".. Max asked me to collaborate on one of the tunes, which is based on a strict interaction between electric guitar and piano. The piece, called "The Last Song", is here in its entirety.

Gibe III, a song by guitarist Giuseppe Pittalis, contained in the debut album of his group Turbo Elephant Project. The synth solo you hear in the middle is played by me... although Giuseppe chopped and manipulated it without mercy after the fact. With interesting results, I must say.



Five tunes written for the CD compilations issued by The Keyboard Corner, the community of musicians from the MusicPlayer forum groups, linked to Keyboard magazine. Some of these tunes might be parts of future recording projects - but for the time being, you can listen to them here.

Seven Corners -  3'48'' -  3.5 meg - This tune merges a balkanic-style melody with some prog rock atmospheres; originally written for piano, then arranged for keyboards and percussion. Based on a fast ostinato in 7/8, it explores various divisions and accentations of the basic rhythm, in a dancing mood. Massimo Carrano plays percussion.

D Song -   3'59''  -  3.6 meg  -  This tune is based on an old idea: A jazz trio, with percussion instead of a regular drum set. There are 'pseudo-cymbals', plus a groove of north-African percussions - all played, once again, by Massimo Carrano. Luca Barberini plays fretless bass.

Lucy in the Sky with Bartok 3'13''  -  2.9 meg   -  Bela Bartok, one of my favorite composers, used to arrange folk melodies from his homeland, using the harmonic knowledge of a 20th-century musician. How would have he treated a Beatles song? Here's my hypothesis.

Wednesday   3'10''  -  2.9 meg  -  Having little time to prepare a tune for one of the compilations, I thought to set up a challenge: To compose and record an orchestral tune in one day, and using just one instrument - the Kurzweil K2000. I started to play with a sample CD-Rom and with the internal ROM block of orchestral sounds, and this is the result. Not one note was written on paper.

Tempo guaritore -  4'23''  -  4 meg  -  A jazz tune, played by the first version of the Jazz Tales quartet; in medium tempo, with a delicate atmosphere.