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November 2th, 2010

- The Review Page in English!

Finally, large excerpts from the many reviews I've received along the latest years are available in English translation. I kept the translations quite literal, so it's possible that a few sentences will result a bit knotty to Enlish-speaking humans,,, but at least, there *is* a review page. Thanks all for your patience!


September 13th, 2010


After a wait of almost ten years since its realization, the album dedicated to the keyboard music of J.S. Bach (plus a couple of original pieces) has finally seen the light. A few mp3 excerpts have been available in the music page for a long time. To buy it, you can go to this page on the label's site; or if you prefer so, here you'll find a list of the stores where you can buy or order it. I'll update the site accordingly.

 - The "Jazz Tales" album is finalized at last! I hope to be able to announce its official release soon.


February 10th, 2010

A few updates on the events of the latest 2/3 months:

- Finally, a few (excellent) reviews of the album "Piano Possibile" have come out. I have added them to the "Reviews" page in Italian.... but the big news here is that I've started translating a selection of the reviews into English! It will be available soon.

- Another fruitful collaboration: Guitarist Giuseppe Pittalis, a friend and ex-student, asked me to play a solo on his debut recording as a leader (even though the group is called Turbo Elephant Project). I played a solo on the song "Gibe III", using a "vintage" kind of sound which I had programmed on the Dave Smith Evolver synth. Giuseppe chopped the solo after the fact without mercy, but the result is rather intriguing. Listen to it on the music page.

- Recordings of the Jazz Tales album are almost completed; I hope to mix it next month, and to have it out before the summer.

- This one I wanted to keep a secret until the last minute, but I'm just too happy... after ten years in limbo, the "Bach to the Future" project has found at home, and will be out soon! The contract is signed, so I should be on the safe side sharing this (cross fingers)...

- The new trio will start concert activity at the end of this month. Despite the awful musical climate, we still try....


November 5th, 2009

Resuming updates after "Piano Possibile" and a somewhat eventful summer... the "Jazz Tales" quartet has now a completely new lineup, including Sandro Satta on alto sax. After a few concerts, we started recording an album which is now in its final phases; in a few weeks, I should be able to give further details. Work on Syntaxis' fourth album, "Lighter", *is* going on, although very slowly, due to the mass of other projects taking place at the same time... in the meantime, *two* further groups were born: A swing trio I worked with frequently last summer, and an umpteenth trio with a new repertoire, which should be linked with still another one with Norwegian musicians... but I don't want to announce things ahead of time, if they still don't have a definite form... suffice is to say that I got enough material for four or five further projects!

Also, two important news regarding older projects: last summer, the Contemporary Art festival held in Lugo di Romagna has convinced me to put together a new version of "Il ritorno alla ragione", my electronic music performance based on the short films of Man Ray. It went very well, so I'm now thinking of presenting it in different venues. Also,  the realization of another old project which was never published is now more than possible... but in this case, please allow me a little suspence... I'll give you more news as soon as I'll have precise deadlines!


April 9th, 2009

All the excitement and commitments around the release of my album "Piano Possibile" almost made me forget another important event: The release of Max Rosati's first solo album, titled Sun Fire". Max, Syntaxis' guitar player since the group's inception, and overall great musician, is also a studio owner in Civitavecchia, and has collaborated with a huge list of musicians in the pop and jazz fields. I played on one of the tracks; it's called "The Last Song", and I'm proud to present it here in its entirety (courtesy of Max). For more info, consult the music page.


February 21th, 2009

Most of the site has beed updated to reflect the release of the new album, "Piano Possibile". No dedicated page with the project description yet, but there's an album page with the CD details and, what's more important, with mp3s to listen to! You'll find the album page here. You can also reach the mp3s from the music page.


February 9th, 2009

"Piano Possibile" is out!

After having spent the latest 3-4 years experimenting with various acoustic jazz lineups, finally one of them has concretized into an actual CD. "Piano Possibile", recorded last summer at Max Rosati's R&B Studio, is finally out with the German label YVP. This time, my travelmates are two very strong young musicians: Pierpaolo Ranieri on double bass and Marco Rovinelli on drums. Plus, the great singer Cinzia Spata has found the time to record three songs with us, just before moving to the USA. Of these three songs, two are Italian 'pop' songs, totally revised in a jazz way; the third one is a piece written by myself about 25 years ago (!), with lyrics in English. It was certainly the easiest album I've ever made in my career; that surely helps my hopes for the future.

Soon I'll set a dedicated page and upload mp3s; for the time being, to purchase a copy of the CD online at a reduced price, please contact me directly.
Here you'll find a list of distributors for the label.

Other than dealing with the new album, I've spent this latest period playing with various acoustic jazz lineups and dealing with rising teaching commitments... but I haven't forgot my 'electric' side! The fourth Syntaxis album, "Lighter", is in a fairly advanced state, and I hope to finish it on next summer.